Alert mail once in two days?

I am using grafana 5.1.3 ,postgresql as my data source, centos 7
how to send alert mail once in two days in grafana?

You want that every two days grafana send a notficiation??

yeah,for two days or for 4 days depending on the tables in my database I need to change this interval.So is it possible to change like this ?

My instance can do this, but I was need to add tables, trigger and storageprocedure in the interna database…

The result is that the alerts are resend every hour if the interna of check is low(60s)… And if I config the interval every 24h, so what I get is a daily report…

Now no have access yo database, tomorrow i could show the code… But en mi example the interna database is mysql

Hi danielgonzalez,
Same issue i have , i’m also using Mysql Data source , Help me out regarding this