After upgrade to grafana 10.4.0 labels changed to series

I’m using elasticsearch datasource to create dashboard. Yesterday with Grafana 10.0.0 in alerts when I pressed “preview” I had in “Expression” and “Treshold” labels from main chart. Now in Grafana 10.4.0 I see only “Series1, Series2, Series3”.

Query to elaticsearch is simple, just added “group by Company”. In Grafana 10.0.0 that Company name was in “Expression” and “Treshold”. I could refer to as a Labels.

How to fix this in 10.4.0?

I think I’m having the same problem and haven’t found a solution yet.

We have the same issue as well. Is there a workaround available or planned bug fix?

You should upgrade to 10.4.1.

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Hi Jangaraj and Delinea support,

thank you for the feedback.
We can confirm it works again after updating to version 10.4.1.