After Grafana upgrade - borders appears for embedded graphs

Hi, I have probably issue. After Grafana upgrade from ver. 8 to 10.2.2. - all embedded graphs on my website got grey border. I nothing changed, only upgrade Grafana. Before it none border around iframe … How I can remove borders?

Borders around iframe are also when I disable all css stylesheet on my web page. So issue is somewhere in Grafana.

I use :
iframe src=“http:…&theme=light&panelId=13” width=“1618” height=“150” frameborder=“0”/iframe

when I change Grafana version back (include also original defaults.ini) to ver. 8.2 or 9.0 - borders are not there. When I use 10.2.2. and also original defaults.ini - borders are there.

What I should change in defaults.ini or else where?

Ok so nobody is able to help. My resolution is downgrade to ver. 9 and use it.