Advice needed on Loki "infinite retention" capabilites


We’ve a pretty standard setup with a GKE cluster into which we’d like to install Loki for log ingestion. Our requirement is to have a configurable retention period - that is, my logs are kept for 1 year etc. etc.

I know that Loki uses object storage to write chunks/indexes(?) to, but what if we wanted to have “infinite” retention, so we won’t loose logs after the retention period ends?

Should we rely on cloud providers capabilities (i.e. use GCP or S3 retention) or is something that Loki can do for us? For example I store logs on a local minIO, but when chunks are older than retention, asynchronously move them to a different kind of storage (if it makes sense) But then, how could we “re-hydrate” and query them?

Is anything like this scenario possible using Loki? Thanks