Adding Progress Bar to Grafana Dashboard for Backend Process

Hello Grafana Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on a project where I’m utilizing Grafana to monitor and visualize various aspects of our system. One of the challenges I’m facing is displaying the progress of backend processes in a more user-friendly way, such as using a progress bar within the Grafana dashboard.

While I understand that Grafana’s primary focus is on time-series data visualization, I’m wondering if there are any recommended approaches, best practices, or workarounds to integrate a progress bar into a Grafana dashboard. Specifically, I’d like to visually show the progress of background tasks or processes that don’t fit the typical time-series data model.

It will really depend on your data source/s and what you are trying to show.

I do something like this using a percentage Gauge panel selecting data from MySQL (Format as Table, not Time Series) with some colour thresholds set to show red when at 0%, green at 100% and amber inbetween etc.

I have a table with a “Processed” field which is either “Y” or “N” and I want to show the percentage of records processed:

select processed, count(1) * 100 / sum(count(*)) over () from anpr group by processed order by processed asc

The Gauge goes/up down from 0% to 100% depending on the database data and shows as green when at 100%.

I do other stuff my background processes like having each job update a database table setting start/end times, current status, errror codes etc. That way Grafana can just display data from that table. e.g. the job details/statuses in a table with colour highlighting for running/failed/success jobs etc.

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You want the progressbar to change dynamically without user refreshing browser or with the use of a button or ?

I would use dynamic text plugin with following code

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Is it possible to get a dummy panel of the same example? @yosiasz

It is much more fun when you do it yourself :fish:

Read the doc, try it and post back when truly stuck