Adding geomap in promtail using helm chart

I don’t know if this is related or the best place to ask but I am wondering if is there a way to add geoip lookup to promtail. I am ingesting the logs of ingress controller using promtail in Loki and I want to create a dashboard in grafana That would show the requests in a geomap. Any idea if it’s possible to do that?

I haven’t personally tried this, but looks like both promtail and grafana-agent can do it:

I know promtail can do it as I am using it on non k8s setup however never did it on kubernetes and I did not see anything related in the helm chart for priomtail. That is why I was asking.

So is your question on how to use promtail on Kubernetes? You can run it as a DAEMON set, with either built-in Kubernetes support (see Configure Promtail | Grafana Loki documentation), or mount the container log directory from each host into promtail.

It seam I will have to go with custom implementation as a helm chart won’t be usable in this case.

Grafana agent seam to be interesting as well but again never used it.