Added remote system support in [inputs.win_perf_counters.object] makes my dashboards useless

In telegraf plugin for windows starting from version v1.26.0 there is a change in inputs Windows Performance Counters (inputs.win_perf_counters): Add remote system support.
They added remote system support in inputs.win_perf_counters and this changed how my Series looks like making my hundreds of dashboard useless. Im using graphite as a datasource.
for example before v1.26.0 a have:
in new version of telegraf (>= 1.26.0) I have

This new SERVERNAME tag in the middle of my Series makes my dashboard useless
Moreover when I switch to this new telegraf Im loosing all my history data :confused:

Iis there any way to get rid of this new naming convention, and use old naming schema?