Add static data as a table to grafana

Hello All,

I have a requirement to create a dashboard in grafana which will have static content(it may change) and show it as a table, how best can i do it ? both column and row name and data will have numbers and alphabets

can anyone please assist ? TIA

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Did you get any reply to this?

I did not reply because I could not understand “will have static content (it
may change)”.

Static content does not change. Content which changes is dynamic.

Other people may have the same problem understanding the requirement.

Also, no information was given about which version of Grafana is in use, what
the back-end data store is, or what attempts have been made so far to create
the required display, so we don’t know what didn’t work or in what way it
wasn’t what was required.



I think what he means is having a static table

| region    | env  | servers  | status |
| eu-west-1 | dev  | server 1 | UP     |
|           |      | server 2 | UP     |
|           | prod | server 3 | DOWN   |
|           |      | server 4 | UP     |
|           |      |          |        |

The only dynamic data here will be UP or DOWN and the rest should be static. The data source could be prometheus for ex.

I had the same question and answer is Infinity plugin for Grafana Infinity plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs
It can display static data from target URL or !entered manually in dashboard