Add panel to app

Hi, is there some tutorial on adding panels to application ?
I’m developing a new application and want to pack it with existing panels, as well as custom fixed version of existing tuned to my use case.
I’m having trouble adding those panels other than installing them externally as separate plugin - which is probably not the intention of packing everything into one application.
Catching myself on the need to change many paths inside the existing plugin so it would work correctly inside my app.


Here’s an example of the worldping app that has a dependency to a specific version of the worldmap panel:

There’s also some custom panels packed into this app, see

Thanks for the answer,
if i get it correctly - this solution takes place when developer compiles plugin, and i see code that replaces paths,
which requires knowledge of the imported plugin.
i was hoping to find something more system wide like, without requiring me to get through the code of each imported plugin.

Sorry but that’s not supported at the moment