Add panel button unresponsive (develop branch)

I’ve been trying build off the HEAD of the develop branch and I have not been able to get the Add Panel button working. I’m able to manage users and (empty) dashboards but the Add Panel is unresponsive.

I do know that the branch in question is a work in progress and do not expect things to work. However I suspect that this is a very trivial mistake on my part when doing the build. Thus there might be a simple solution for this but I’m not an web frontend specialist so it has eluded me.

The build and configuration should be completely vanilla.
Versions: Node 6.9.1, go 1.9.2, npm 3.10.8, RHEL 7.3.

Develop branch may be unstable, so try to pull it again and build by

go run build.go setup && go run build.go build && yarn install --pure-lockfile && npm run build

I’m at the cd3cf5d19 commit and it works for me.

I set up a clean build container and now it works. It was something in my build environment.