Add additional audiences when using generic_oauth

I have successfully setup OAuth2 with Auth0 and I’m able to logon with user credentials from my Auth0 tenant.

Now I want to user RBAC to specify permissions for users in Auth0. This is done by granting permissions on an api definition in Auht0. These permission scopes will then be added to the token and I’m planning to map these to grafana roles with the “role_attribute_path” setting.

I’m looking for a way to specify the audience that is used when authenticating a user, there seems to be no way or place to specify this parameter.

I have tried setting the “api_url” but this seems to have no affect and will still use the “” url.

Figured it out, audience can be set by adding it to the auth_url:

auth_url = https://<domain>/authorize?audience=<audience>