About Grafana Cloud : How will be the aggregator setup will be and where it will be located?


I was reading about GrafanaCloud and is interested to know more about it. But nowhere anyone has mentioned about the aggregator (like StatsD) setup with GrafanaCloud and where the aggregator will be installed.

As per the documents for GrafanaCloud, it only mentioned about Grafana, Graphite and Prometheus setup on clooud.

Request your help, we are having meeting tomorrow to discuss about Grafana Cloud.

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The statsd backend aggregator can send it directly to graphite or influxdb backend that is connected to grafana cloud server
or I think you could use telegraf to send data to different datasources that grafana cloud uses

graphite template might need to be configured based on your data variables

I worked with different grafana projects and I have written on medium
let me know if your company requires some consulting on this regard