Ability to add graphs to a "shopping cart" for agregatted view?


I`m trying to move to Grafana graphing from PNP4Nagios graphs.

So far, I use Nagios for monitoring network together with PNP4Nagios for creating nice graph with data gathered about network devices by Nagios. PNP4Nagios has very nice feature which allows to add graphs (with one or more datasets) to something similar to “shopping cart”, which allows user to easilly see graphs for different network devices in one browser window and zoom those to the same time range - this is very powerfull thing for searching and debugging bad things across the network…

So I`d like to migrate from PNP4Nagios to Grafana. Unfortunatelly I was not able to find a way, how to have any similar “shopping cart” feature in Graphana. Like add to cart, delete from cart, view cart, delete whole cart.

Is it somehow possible, please? I`ve also tried to ask guys in “Thruk” forum (Thruk is somethink like Nagios, but more modern and much faster…) here:

It is quite hard for me to expleain exactly what I`m looking for to someone, who is not used to use PNP4Nagios, but at least I tried it :slight_smile:

Here is an example, how adding graphs to cart might look like:

Thank you