A single dashboard for all QPS

Does graphana offer a single dashboard that aggregates all QPS in one dashboard?

QP - Wikipedia fails to enlighten me - what are you asking


Sorry, Queries Per Second dashboard

So, you want a dashboard (I assume you mean panel?) which shows you the number
of queries per second on a database server?

What sort of database server do you want to measure, and is it already one of
your Grafana back-end data stores?

I would think that getting this information “now” should be pretty simple for
most DB servers, but if you want historical data, you’d need to find some way
of sampling the queries per second and then storing that with timestamps in a
data store.

Grafana won’t do that for you - it will show you the data, so long as you can
get it into a data store, though.


We use postgreSQL. Is the data store setup on our end or on graphana?

Also, I need to point out that we are interested in API queries per second.

The data store is where you put the time series data that you want Grafana to
visualise for you.

Grafana does not store data - it performs queries on the data in a data store
and then displays that in whatever panels you have created in your

You need to create some process which will measure whatever it is you’re
interested in (API queries per second, for example) and save those
measurements with timestamps into a back-end data store so that Grafana then
has something to query.

Hope that helps give you a better picture of what you need to put together.