A Mix of CEF and JSON in same log record

I have a log record that is a CEF record with a couple of fields that are JSON. Is there an example of how I would extract the fields from the JSON record when most of the record is CEF?

Hi @kleewyck ,

maybe this will help :slight_smile:

I have some logs from a demo app that look like this

2021-12-13T14:26:59.370Z	INFO	frontend/best_eta.go:106	Dispatch successful	{"service": "frontend", "trace_id": "62c43baab1d3ba01", "span_id": "62c43baab1d3ba01", "driver": "T729032C", "eta": "2m0s"}

I can get to the JSON object at the end with this query

{container="hotrod"} | pattern "<time>\t<level>\t<component>\t<status>\t<json_log>\n" | line_format "{{.json_log}}"

I first split the log message using \t as the separator. Then I can take the json_log filed and apply line_format to it. Not sure if this is the beat way to do it but it seems to work…

Thank you very much. This might work in my case!